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Bucket, Truck, or Delivery.
Delivery does require a 1 ton minimum.



The Henry Bierce Supply Company provides delivery services Monday through Friday. Our extensive fleet of trucks and professional, experienced drivers will provide you with an exceptional delivery experience. We provide delivery services all throughout Northeast Ohio.

With our bulk materials having established prices, our delivery fees will fluctuate depending on the amount of materials we are delivering and how far we are traveling. We have a minimum of one ton/yard for deliveries.


Our drivers will always do their best to place your materials where you instruct us. We do, however, have limitations as to what we can do, so we always encourage having a secondary placement location if your first choice is not feasible. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your location for the placement of materials:

  • Any overhead obstructions (Low hanging electrical wires, tree limbs or branches, awnings and overhangs, etc…
  • Wet or soft ground
  • Steep hills or aggressive slopes
  • NEW concrete driveways
  • Narrow or tight turning access


  • We always recommend laying out a tarp for any dyed materials that we are dumping to prevent staining on driveways
  • When dumping on a tarp, we will do our best to keep the materials on the tarp. Materials may not always be centered on tarp and may have a tendency to spread partially off the tarp.
  • We cannot control how the pile of material will spread out, so keep in mind any buildings, fences, or other obstacles when selecting your placement location.
  • We will need at least 10 feet of width and 15-20 feet of height of clearance to properly dump materials.
  • Depending on the age and installation of a concrete driveway, the weight of the truck may cause cracking or other damage.
  • If you are unable to be home during the time of delivery, a placement location should be properly marked. If not, either our driver will use their best judgement to determine an ideal location, or we will not drop the material at all.
  • Our drivers will have full discretion as to where and how the materials will be placed.
  • Delivered materials must be placed on your property. We will not dump on a neighbor’s property or any vacant lot.
  • We can tailgate spread a maximum of 10 tons at a time with an approximate 2 inch top dressing.
  • If an order is refused, delivery fees will still apply.
  • When a delivery is scheduled, you are accepting the responsibility of any damage that may occur.


Ice Melting Products

  • Halite Rock Salt (25lb or 50lb bags)
  • Calcium Chloride (available in Pellets or Flakes)
  • Ultra Pro (50lb bag)

Items available by the bag or by pallet. Contact us for specifics if interested in buying full pallet.


Other Helpful Products

  • Fire Brick (Full or Thin)
  • Heat Stop (avail in 10lb pail or 50lb bag)
  • EUCO Winter Add Mix