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Commercial Contractors, Residential Builders & Homeowners Can Get First-rate materials at The Henry Bierce Supply Co.!


From our expert staff  and responsive delivery capabilities we service homes and construction sites with top of the line equipment and services which include:

          • dispatching system
      • 6 boom trucks
      • 2 flat bed truck w/moffit
      • 5 dump trucks
      • 1 pick-up truck
      • 1 flat bed semi truck


Block in the Yard

Build with Block










___________                                                                                                                                           BLOCK COLOR OPTIONS

Below is the Emerald Series which has 21 color options available in Architectural Splits or Smooth.

*Colors can be used for Retaining Walls by Special Order.


First Row Colors = Snow, Timberwolf, Harvest, Maple, Copper, Rose, Walnut

Second Row Colors = Oyster, Shadow, Maize, Tumbleweed, Amber, Scarlett, Teak

Third Row Colors = Chalk, Midnight, Wheat, Butterscotch, Merlot, Plum, Mahogany


We also have the Diamond Series which has 21 different colors.




First Row Colors = Opal, Charcoal, Green, Riverbed Buff, Enviro Buff, Cinnamon, Tahitian

Second Row Colors = Cream, Castlestone, Olive, Sandstone Buff, Chocolate, Brik Red, Burnt Umber

Third Row Colors = White, Natural Gray, Sahara, Desert, Cocoa, Coral Red, Salmon



If you need a sample, contact us at 330.633.3282 or [email protected] and we'll be glad to assist you with the request.


Looking for ICF Block. We are a dealer of the Amvic IFC by Alleguard.

These are an energy-efficient option building material.


Brand Names You Trust...

Supported by a knowledgeable staff, we distribute the brand name masonry products you’ve come to trust:

Schory Cement Products
County Materials

Chas Svec, Inc.
Koltz Block


The Henry Bierce Supply Co., a member of the National (and local) Association of Home Builders, Builder’s Exchange of Akron, The Mason Contractors Association of Akron and Vicinity and the Brick Industry Association, works closely with a long list of masons who need the right material for everything from a foundation or brick veneer. For example, we also help regional building departments coordinate footer inspections and set up concrete deliveries when footers are ready to be poured.

Quality Service is Essential for Builders and Contractors

Along with knowledgeable sales people and responsive delivery capabilities, The Henry Bierce Supply Co. represents some of the premier brick manufacturers in the country.

The smaller plants offer unique colors and textures and the flexibility of production to accommodate special manufacturing considerations.