Valuable Outdoor Design: Bring My Idea To Life

Over the summer I found myself inspired by a friend’s backyard oasis. Their space was designed to invite relaxation and it worked! Months later I still recall the way it felt to lounge on that patio. Naturally, I began thinking about how to create that type of environment in my own outdoor space. I had so many ideas but where to start?

Inspiration from friend

After reading the blog, How to Bring Your Outdoor Space to Life, my dream got legs. My house is not the same style or color as my friend’s home, and I needed to figure out what my families personal backyard respite would be. Our yard was a different size and the views were not the same. I wanted some privacy for entertaining and green space for the kids to play. We had some existing pavers from when we purchased the home but would they work with our new goals?

The variety of patio ideas are endless. We knew we wanted to go with concrete pavers because of the freeze thaw cycle in Ohio to allow for longer term durability, repairability, and maintenance.  This was one area my husband and I discussed for the budget on our project. We don’t plan on selling or moving anytime soon so we will enjoy this patio for years and years to come. Spending a little more now will be well worth it down the road. 

My space

The next debate was style and color which also factor into our budget. It was time to visit the store. The quality materials we were seeking led us to The Henry Bierce Supply Co in Tallmadge. We know the products they carry are made to last but I still didn’t know which ones worked best with our house. I had a vision in my head but it was hard to express to anyone else what I wanted. When we got to Henry Bierce Supply, we were able to see a wide variety of styles and colors of pavers and retaining walls on their display. What really pulled it together was talking to one of the hardscape experts. Throughout the conversation we found that he could provide us 3D rendering to nail down the elements of the design.

Soon after that visit, we had a 3D visual of the color and style pavers that were in our budget. This is what sealed the deal for us. Being able to see how the colors worked in contrast to the colors on our home was essential for me. It helped us to recognize where to scale back in our design and where we could refocus that energy in more decorative elements. Seeing our outdoor design come to life was incredibly beneficial to knowing why we were creating this space in the first place. Let’s get this project started!